The Sengan-en Garden is located in Kagoshima on Kyushu Island in Japan.

The Sengan-en Garden was realized in 1658.

It is located in Kagoshima, on the Kagoshima Bay on Kyushu Island, with a magnificent view of the Sakurajima island, which is home to a very active volcano.

Sengan-en was created by the Shimadzu family, who owned the land for centuries. They developed the area with the first western industries in Japan in the 1850s. Today there are public museums relating this captivating local history.

The garden design shows more Chinese influence than elsewhere due to close contacts with that culture. The garden complex covers around 12 acres. 

The photos below are from my hostess, who graciously gave permission to use them here, as I didn't have my camera for that visit.

Cloud-pruned pines, Sengan-en Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
Cloud-pruned pines
Fiddleheads, Sengan-en Garden - Kagoshima, Japan
Waterfall in the Sengan-en Garden - Kagoshima, Japan
A waterfall
Former industrial canal, Sengan-en Garden - Kagoshima, Japan
Former industrial canal
The giant Jumping Lion Lantern, Sengan-en Garden - Kagoshima, Japan
The giant Jumping Lion Lantern
Sakurajima daikon (huge mild white radish) - Sengan-en Garden, Kagoshima, Japan
Sakurajima daikon

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