Photos of some Group or Community gardens in Japan

Group, family, private and community gardens can be found everywhere in Japan.

Having to feed some 126 million people from a land where about 75% is unsuitable for agriculture (mainly because it’s mountainous areas) is a formidable challenge for this country.

No wonder why the Japanese people are growing food, whether rice or veggies or tea or fruit, or just flowers, in places that westerners would simply leave as vacant lots or fields, for example along rivers, roads or railway tracks.

The following photos illustrate the ingeniousness of the Japanese in using those spaces.


Beautifully manicured private garden in Nagasaki, Japan
Private garden, Nagasaki
Another view of a beautifully manicured private garden in Nagasaki, Japan
Private garden1, Nagasaki
Private garden, Nagasaki, Japan
Private garden2, Nagasaki
A very well-trained tree - Kagoshima, Japan
A very well-trained tree
Cloud-pruned trees, typical landscaping in Japan
Cloud-pruned trees
Typical house landscaping, Kagoshima, Japan
Typical house landscaping

One of the photos below shows a yellow sky. It's not a camera problem, but rather a dust storm that quickly covered the sky as I was taking photos. Those storms happen in the spring and come from the Gobi desert.

Community garden, Naruse, Machida, Japan
Community garden, Naruse
Growing green onions in a community garden - Naruse, Machida, Japan
Community garden1, Naruse
House garden plots, Kagoshima, Japan
House garden plots, Kagoshima
Large community plot, Kotohira, Shikoku, Japan
Large community plot, Kotohira
Tea (ocha) hedges, Kagoshima, Japan
Tea-ocha hedges, Kagoshima
Rice paddy, Kagoshima, Japan
Rice paddy, Kagoshima

Starting plants outside in March, Japan
Starting plants outside in March
Rice field in Naruse, Machida Japan, during a yellow dust storm from China
Ride field in dust storm

Wheat fields, 8 x 10 oil painting by Clemence St. Laurent

For beautiful paintings of landscapes and flowers, please visit this website: