Some beautiful gardens in Japan

Japanese gardens have a strikingly different appearance than western gardens. They have been developed over several centuries, taking their inspiration from the Chinese through Korea.

The photos presented here (click on list below) were taken during a trip to Japan in March 2013. Japan has four distinct seasons in general, and in March the northern half of the country is still showing winter-like aspects, for example bare deciduous trees. 

Because of this, views of the various places visited allowed a better emphasis on the garden structures (paths, ponds, bridges, sculptures, accessories, etc.) but also on the trees, especially their shapes & branches.

It is also during the cold months that the elaborate winter-protection structures in the famous Kenroku-en Garden can be seen.

March is also the month when the ‘sakura front’ (sakura zensen) starts. This is the name for the blooming of thousands of cherry trees across the country, a very impor…