Trees and flowers found along narrow streets in Japan.

This page shows a diversity of plants growing along the streets, in parks, and around buildings or landmarks, including up under a bridge!

Space limitation is definitely not a deterrent for the Japanese to line their narrow streets with flowers or shade-loving shrubs.


Purple-white flowers along a street in Naruto, Shikoku, Japan
Along a street in Naruto
Red flowers along a street in Naruto, Shikoku, Japan
In Naruto
Chamomile flowers around a tree along a street, Nagasaki, Japan
Chamomile, Nagasaki
Flower border between two street, Kochi, Shikoku
In Kochi
Hanging flower pots in front of a train station - Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan
In front of a train station, Isahaya
Flower pots along a narrow street, Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan
Street in Tokushima
Citrus tree with fruit, Tokyo, Japan
Mandarins or oranges, Tokyo
Narrow street lined with flower pots - Matsudo, Honshu, Japan
Street in Matsudo
Mandarin oranges close up, Kyoto, Japan
Mandarin oranges close up, Kyoto
Flower boxes along a street in Kanazawa, Japan
A street in Kanazawa
Moss-covered retaining wall, Kagoshima, Japan
Moss-covered retaining wall, Kagoshima
Even potted trees are lining narrow streets in Japan, this one in Tokushima
Even with trees!
New planted plot downtown Kyoto, Japan, between two parking lots
New plot downtown Kyoto
High hedge of red foliage, Japan
Tall red foliage hedge
Sakura (blooming cherry tree) by volcano shelter, Sakurajima, Japan
Sakura by volcano shelter, Sakurajima
Black ridge oak, Tokushima, Japan
Black ridge oak, Tokushima
Cloud-pruned pines, Tokushima, Japan
Cloud-pruned pines, Tokushima
Camphor tree, Tokushima, Japan
Camphor tree, Tokushima

Mount Godaisan, Kochi, Shikoku, Japan
Mount Godaisan, Kochi
Dr. Tomitaro Makino statue, Kochi, Shikoku, Japan
Dr. Tomitaro Makino statue, Kochi
Exposed tree roots, Kyoto, Japan
Exposed tree roots, Kyoto
Green tree trunk, Kotohira, Shikoku, Japan
Green tree trunk, Kotohira
Flowering quince, Kyoto, Japan
Flowering quince, Kyoto
Green vine on trunk base, Kotohira, Shikoku, Japan
Green vine on trunk
Heavily-supported tree, Kyoto, Japan
Heavily-supported tree, Kyoto
Preserved tree trunk, Kyoto, Japan
Preserved tree trunk, Kyoto
Cloud-pruned pines near Tokushima Castle, Shikoku, Japan
Near Tokushima Castle
Palm tree with large epiphyte - Kochi, Shikoku, Japan
Palm tree with epiphyte, Kochi
Rejuvenated cherry tree, Japan
Rejuvenated cherry tree
Reddish foliage, Sakurajima, Japan
Reddish foliage, Sakurajima
Hollow dead trunk, Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan
Hollow dead trunk, Tokushima
Spiky fruit balls, Kyoto, Japan
Spiky fruit balls, Kyoto
Pink berries, Sakurajima, Japan
Pink berries, Sakurajima
A branch growing 'legs', Enoshima, Japan
A branch growing 'legs', Enoshima
Short palm trees, Japan
Short palm trees
Ume - plum tree blossoms, Machida, Japan
Ume - plum tree blossoms, Machida
Bright pink camellia, Japan
Bright pink camellia
Double pink camellias, Kyoto, Japan
Double pink camellias, Kyoto
Pink camellias, Kyoto, Japan
More camellias, Kyoto
Flower border, Tokushima, Skikoku, Japan
Flower border, Tokushima
Curled grass heads, Sakurahima, Japan
Curled grass heads, Sakurahima
On the forest floor, Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan
On the forest floor, Tokushima
Stone steps and bamboo fencing, Kyoto, Japan
Stone steps and bamboo fencing
Spring flowers, Mount Inasa, Nagasaki, Japan
Spring flowers, Mount Inasa, Nagasaki

The photos below were taken from the walkway under the Onaruto Bridge, which links the islands of Shikoku and Honshu.
With a view on the Seto Inland Sea, Naruto, Japan
With a view on the strait

A discreet spot for potted flowers - Onaruto Bridge, Japan
A discreet spot

Flowers in bamboo containers, Onaruto Bridge, Japan
Bamboo containers
Blue bouquet, 5 x 7 oil painting by Clemence St. Laurent - small blue flowers in a vase

For beautiful paintings of flowers and landscapes, please visit this website: 


Of course Japanese Wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) is originating from Japan, but it is a popular climbing ornamental adopted by thousands of gardeners in various parts of the world. Click this link to find one in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada.